Countryside Villas

Countryside Villas

Enjoy a special independent vacation in an Italian villa or apartment. BellaVista Tours offers a full listing of available Villas and Apartments to rent which afford you more privacy and independence during your time in Italy. Most popular are the villas in Tuscany which can range from 1 bedroom accommodations to larger villas accommodating up to 8 or 9 persons along with all the comforts of home including living room, kitchen, and full baths. Some offer patios and on-site swimming pools. Independent villa rentals are available on a weekly basis, from Saturday to Saturday. Please ask a BellaVista Travel Consultant for more information. Apartments are also available to rent in Rome, Florence, Venice and throughout Italy. Apartment rentals are an economical way to travel, as they are often appointed with kitchens, thus avoiding the need to eat every meal in a restaurant. Also, with apartment rentals, travelers can often more deeply experience the daily life of Italy, making daily trips to the market, meeting neighbors and exploring more residential neighborhoods. 

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Independent apartment rentals are available on a weekly basis, from Saturday to Saturday. Inquire further for more complete information on the many villas and apartments that BellaVista Tours can offer. If you are looking for a stay in the country, but also desire the comforts of a hotel, we can suggest numerous countryside hotels all throughout Italy

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